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Did you ever imagine that the freshest of fruits and vegetables, top quality pulses and food grains, dairy products and hundreds of branded items could be handpicked and delivered to your home, all at the click of a button? India’s first hotline comprehensive online megastore,, From household cleaning products to beauty and makeup, supply hotline has everything you need for your daily needs. is convenience personified We’ve taken away all the stress associated with shopping for daily essentials, and you can now order all your household products and even buy groceries online without travelling long distances or standing in serpentine queues. Add to this the convenience of finding all your requirements at one single source, along with great savings, and you will realize that supply hotline- India’s hottest online supermarket, has revolutionized the way India shops for groceries. Online grocery shopping has never been easier. Need things fresh? Whether it’s fruits and vegetables or dairy and meat, we have this covered as well! Get fresh eggs, meat, fish and more online at your convenience. Hassle-free Home Delivery options.

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It;s fantastic ! All the grocery items are truly very high qualities are delicious! The service you are offering in these tough time really appreciable. I got the product in just within 30 minutes of ordering. 

Harhar Nath Tripathi

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